IACP/Target Police Officer of the Year


On October 24, 2015, the IACP and Target came together at the IACP Foundation Gala to award the 2015 Police Officer of the Year Award, which recognizes outstanding and heroic achievement among officers across the globe and highlights the sacrifices made daily by law enforcement’s finest.

We are honored to present the winner of the 2015 Police Officer of the Year Award: Officer Scott T. Angulo from the Tallahassee Police Department!

Angulo Pic     

On November 22, 2014, Officer Angulo was home with his family when his son noticed police cars and they heard shots fired. Officer Angulo immediately rushed his wife and three small children into a bathroom, told them not to come out, put on his ballistic vest, and left the house. Once outside, Officer Angulo found a house on fire, one deputy down, another deputy suffering from gunshot wounds, and firefighters taking cover amidst a volley of gunfire from a suspect who had deliberately set the fire in order to draw out and kill first responders. While helping the injured deputy find cover, Officer Angulo exchanged gunfire with the individual who was still firing shots. During the gun battle, Officer Angulo’s rifle jammed, but he calmly reverted back to his training and went through the steps to clear his round and reload. Officer Angulo was also warning officers arriving on the scene that the shooter was going after other responders. While drawing the suspect’s attention away from another officer who was attempting to aid the fallen deputy, Office Angulo was able to fatally wound the suspect, thereby ending the deadly attack.


Officer Angulo left his family and the safety of his own home and raced toward a gun battle where he aided other officers and saved their lives from imminent danger. Officer Angulo’s selfless actions ended a lethal confrontation with an individual intent on killing as many first responders as possible.




Congratulations also to our three finalists, Senior Officer Williams P. Abram (Bloomington, Indiana, Police Department), Officer Michael Burton (California Highway Patrol) and Deputy Joey L. Tortorella (Niagara County, New York, Sheriff’s Office) for their outstanding feats of bravery in the face of tremendous odds.


On behalf of Target and the IACP and IACP Foundation, congratulations to these fine officers for their dedication and heroism!


Please contact Diana Wisler Beckmann at beckmann@theiacp.org with any questions or for more information.


Previous Police Officer of the Year Recipients:

2014: Officer James F, Cunningham, San Francisco Police Department

2013: Trooper Timothy Strohmeyer, Pennsylvania State Police


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